What are the Benefits of Wheat Germ versus Flax Seed?

There are many supplements and foods that provide health benefits. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish which items give certain macro nutrients and vitamins. This is definitely the case with wheat germ vs flax seed.

When people want to know what wheat germ provides, they should think vitamins and minerals. Wheat germ is loaded with vitamin C, vitamin B-6, iron, and magnesium. There are also smaller amounts of other vitamins like vitamin B-12. Wheat germ even has a little bit of calcium.

On the other hand, flax seed is more beneficial in terms of macro nutrients. Macro nutrients are the three large categories of food- carbohydrates, fat, and protein. Flax seed is a rich source of polyunsaturated fat. This is the exact type of fat that is non artery clogging and essential for functioning. The body needs the least amount of fat of all the macro nutrients. But getting the right type is still very important.